The Baptist Library 


    A Collection of Rare Books and Association Minutes

Library of Books

General Histories:

     1.) The Ante-Nicene Fathers - Vols. 1-10

     2.) The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers - First Series 1-13

     3.) The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers - Second Series - Vols. 6, 10, 12

     4.) Giving Glory to God in Appalachia by Howard Dorgan

     5.) The Old Regular Baptist of Central Appalachia, Brothers and Sisters in Hope by Howard Dorgan

     6.) The Encyclopedia of Religion edited  by  Vergilius Ferm, Ph.D.

     7.) Alien Baptism and the Baptist by William Nevins

     8.) Works of Josephus - Vols. 1-4 - Complete

     9.) The Complete Writings of Meno Simons

     10.) Christian Baptism by F.G. Hibbard 1841

     11.) Church History (Kehukee Association) by C.B. Hassell

     12.) Baptist Succession by D.B. Ray

     13.) Baptist History by J.M. Cramp

     14.) History of the Old Time Baptist in America by Wesley Yonts

     15.) Immersion, The act of Christian Baptism by John T. Christian

     16.) Baptist Confessions of Faith by William Lumpkin

     17.) A History of the Baptists by John Christian Vols. I & II - Complete

     18.) Baptist Encyclopedia by William Carthcart Vols. I & II - Complete

     19.) True Baptist Church Identity in West Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama by Wiley Sammons Vols. I & II - Complete                1971-1979

     20.) A Concise History of Foreign Baptist by G.H. Orchard

     21.) Mennonite Church History by D. Kauffman

     22.) A History of The Waldenses by J.A. Wylie

     23.) A History of The Baptist by Robert Torbet

     24.) The Journey: A Brief History of The South Elkhorn Church

     25.) The History of the English Baptist by A.C. Underwood

     26.) A History of Ten Baptist Churches by John Taylor

     27.) Josephus Complete Works by William Whiston

     28.) The Early Christian Fathers by Henry Bettenson

     29.) Miller's Church History by Andrew Miller

     30.) A History of the Baptists by Thomas Armitage Vols. I & II - Complete

     31.) First Baptist Church North Stonington, Connecticut

     32.) A Manual of Church History by Albert Newman Vols. I & II - Complete 1947

     33.) A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity - Thomas Helwys (1550-1616)

     34.) Separate Baptist Church by Morgan Scott 1901

     35.) Baptist Foundations in the South Tracing through the Separates the influence of the Great Awakening 1754-1787 by William              L. Lumpkin 1961

     36.) Three Reasons Why I Am A Baptist With A Fourth Reason Added On Communion by J.M. Pendleton 1853

     37.) Theodosia Ernest Vol. I  Or, Heroine of Faith by  A.C. Dayton 1856

     38.) Theodosia Ernest Vol. II Ten Days Travel in Search of The Church by A.C. Dayton 1903

     39.) PedoBaptist and Campbelitte Immersions by A.C. Dayton 1977 (reprint of 1903)

     40.) Life of Christ  by Rev. John Fleetwood & Rev.  J. Newton Brown 1868

     41.) A Call to the Unconverted by Richard Baxter 1825

     42.) The Saints Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter 1880

     43.) Pilgrims of Paradox: Calvinism and Experience Among the Primitive Baptist of the Blue Ridge by Peacock, Tyson 1989

     44.) Fifty Years Among the Baptists by David Benedict 

     45.) Should Children of Primitive Baptist Attend Sunday School? by Elder D.W. Owen 1912

     46.) The Autobiography of Elder Wilson Thompson His Life, Travels, and Ministerial Labors

     47.) Raccoon John Smith: Frontier Kentucky's Most Famous Preacher by Elder John Sparks

     48.) Kentucky's Last Frontier by Henry P. Scalf

    49.) Baptist Church Perpetuity or History by W.A.  Jarrel

A Collection of Augustus Neander:

     1.) Neander's Church History translated by Joseph Torrey. Volumes I (1872), II (1876), IV (1883)

     2.) History of the Planting and Training of the Christian Church by the Apostles Vols. I & II - Complete 1864

A Collection of J.R. Graves:

     1.) The Trilemma or Death by Three Horns 1928

     2.) What is it to Eat Unworthily? 1928

     3.) John's Baptism 1928

     4.) What is Conscience: Have you a Good Conscience 1928

     5.) The Work of Christ Consumed in Seven Dispensations 1928

     6.) The Bible Doctrine of the Middle Life Our Sate between death and the Resurrection 1928

     7.) Christian Baptism the Profession of the Faith 1928

     8.) The Act of Christian Baptism 1928

     9.) The Parables & Prophecies of Christ Explained 1887

     10.) The First Baptist Church in America not Founded by Roger Williams (Graves & Adlam) 1939

     11.) The New Great Iron Wheel 1928

     12.) The Relation of Baptism to Salvation 1928

     13.) The Lord's Supper a Church Ordinance 1928

     14.) Old Landmarkism What is it?

History of Associations:

     1.) A History of the Laurel River Baptist Association 1831-1998 by Roger Williams

     2.) Green River Association of United Baptist by the Association 1976

     3.) Bi-Centennial Holston: The First Baptist Association and its Affiliated Churches 1786-1985 by Glen A. Toomey

     4.)The Sesquicentennial History of the Nolachucky Baptist Association 1828-1977 by Glen A. Toomey

     5.) History of the Regular Baptist and Their Ancestors and Accessors by Rufus Perrigan (A History of the ORB)

     6.) From a Long Series of Experiences: Selected Circular Letters of the Union Association of Old Regular Baptist Vol. 1 Compiled            by Elder Barry Lucas and Elder Jeffrey Little

Early Christian Writings (Church Fathers):

     1.) St. Hippolytus and the Church of Rome by Chr. Wordsworth 1880

State Histories:

     1.) History of Baptists in Kentucky by Frank Masters

     2.) Kentucky Baptist History 1770-1922 by William Nowlin

     3.) History of The Virginia Baptist by Garnett Ryland

     4.) Early Tennessee Baptists 1769-1832 by O.W. Taylor

     5.) Tennessee Baptist: A Comprehensive History 1779-1999 by Albert Wardin

     6.) History of the Middle Tennessee Baptist by G.H. Grime

     7.) History of The Kentucky Baptist - Vol. 1,2 by J.H. Spencer

     8.) History of The North Carolina Baptist 1727-1932 by M.A. Huggins

     9.) Semple's History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Virginia by Robert B. Semple 1894

     10.) Indiana Baptist History by William T. Stott 1908

Public Debates:

     1.) Debate on Foreign Missions - Potter & Yates (Primitive)

     2.) Debate on Feet-Washing - Hopkins & Miller (Old Regular)

     3.) Debate on Absolute Predestination - Rhodes & West (Primitive)

     4.) Debate on Salvation - Dalton & Burnett  (Primitive)


     1.) Hemphill Regular Baptist Church by W.S. Tolliver

     2.)Walk about Zion by Frank P. McCoy

     3.) Dedicated to the members of Old Mt. Zion Association of United Baptist by Willie Tipton

     4.) Blessed is the people who know the Joyful Sound by Finley and Kelmon Tipton

     5.) Thornton Regular Baptist Church by R. Collins

     6.) Trail of Blood by J.M. Carroll

     7.) History of The Friendship Association of Old Regular Baptist by H.A. Lane

     8.) Origination of United Baptist Church by N.K. Price

     9.) The Old Pathways from The Banks of Jordan by Unknown

     10.) The Boone Family and Kentucky Baptist by Leo T. Christian

     11.) Baptist Catechism - Keach's Catechism by Benjamin Keach

     12.) Alien Immersion and Valid Baptism by J.H. Grime

     13.) Friendship Primitive Baptist Church organized 1806 

     14.) A Public Address to the Baptist Society, and Friends of Religion in General on the Principle and Practice of Foreign Missions              for the United States of America by Daniel Parker 1820 (Reprint)


     1.) King James Version 1611

     2.) King James Version 1881

     3.) King James Bible World Book 1994

     4.) Latin Vulgate 1876

     5.) Latin Vulgate 1922

     6.) The New Jerusalem Bible 1985

     7.) Nave's Topical Bible

     8.) The Septuagint Bible - The Oldest Version of the Old Testament (The version used by Apostle Paul and others)

     9.) The Lost Books of the Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden

     10.) Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible with Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek Dictionaries

     11.) Who's Who in the Bible - The Old Testament and The Aporcrypha - The New Testament by Comay and Brownrigg - Vols. 1, 2

     12.) Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions

     13.) Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible Vols. 1-4 Complete 1962


     1.) Commentary of the Old Testament by C.F. Keil and F. Delitzsch - Vols. 1-10 Complete

     2.) Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible - Vols. 1-6 Complete

     3.) The Moffat New Testament Commentary - Vols.

     4.) Interpretation of the English Bible by B.H. Carroll - Vols.

     5.) The Book of The Twelve Prophets by George Adam Smith - Vols. I & II  Complete

Association Records:

     1.) Philadelphia Association of Old Regular Baptist - Vol. 1 1925-1968

     2.) Philadelphia Association of Old Regular Baptist - Vol. 2 1969-1991

     3.) Queries, Resolutions and Requests brought to The New Salem Association of Old Regular Baptist of Jesus Christ from the                 year 1825-1969

     4.) Burning Spring Association 1813-1824 by Brothers Dexter Dixon and Elder Walter Akers

     5.) New Salem Old Regular Baptist Association - Vol. 1 1825-1947 by Brother Dexter Dixon and Elder Walter Akers

     6.) New Salem Old Regular Baptist Association - Vol. 2 1948-1983 by Brother Dexter Dixon and Elder Walter Akers

     7.) Old Indian Bottom Association in two volumes - 1896-1989 by Elder Delmer Jones

     8.) Bethlehem Association of United Baptist 1871-1945

     9.) Old Friendship Association of Old Regular Baptist 1917-2011

     10.) Paint Union Association of United Baptist 1837-1994

     11.) Original Tennessee Association of Primitive Baptist 1802-2013

Association Minute Books:

We have a large collection of Association Minute Books to numerous to list. Check "Items We Are Seeking", here you will see a list of Old Regular Baptist and United Baptist Minutes we are seeking. For the Primitive Baptist click on the Primitive Baptist button from the home page, then click their state and here you will see a  current list of Association Minutes that are in the holdings of the Library.


     1.) Minutes of the Elkhorn Association of Baptist (KY) 1843 (Oldest Minute Book in the Library)

     2.) Minutes of the Elkhorn Association of Baptist (KY) 1845

     3.) Minutes of the Elkhorn Association of Baptist (KY) 1846

NOTICE: We are seeking to add General Histories, State Histories, Public Debates, Booklets, Pamphlets, Bibles, Association Records, and Song Books. Should you like to donate please contact us!!