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(Complete Ten Volume Set of Ante-Nicene Fathers)

This Baptist Library contains materials on Old Regular, United, Primitive, and Separate Baptist Associations. These materials include over 4,000 books, pamphlets, association minutes and other printed materials; such as church records, biographies, photographs of churches and their Elders, original song books, etc.

The purpose of the Library is to locate, obtain and preserve historical materials pertaining to the Baptist people by the following:

∙ Original Association Minutes of: Old Regular, United, Primitive, and Separate Baptist Associations.

∙ Pamphlets, Booklets, and Periodicals pertaining to the Baptists people

∙ Church records

∙ Original songbooks and early reprints

∙ Photographs of Church Officers (Elders) of the many different Associations

∙ Early photographs of churches of the various Associations

∙ Old family Bibles

∙ Church Debates

For more information please contact the library via the contact button at the top of the page.

Why us?

     "The Baptist Library is focused on locating, obtaining and preserving historical church documents of four Baptist Groups; Old Regular Baptist , United Baptist, Primitive Baptist, and Separate Baptist. " 

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