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Indian Bottom Association of Old Regular Baptists; Preachers in the 1920's

Back Row Left to Right: Unknown, Unknown, Jim Whitaker, Unknown

Front Row Left to Right: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Ira Combs, Dave Maggard, W.R. Boggs, Unknown, Unknown

Updated: August 17, 2020


The Baptist Library is wanting to locate, obtain, and preserve Association minute books of the Old Regular, United, Primitive and Separate Baptist.

Should anyone have a collection they wish to sell or an individual minute book that we do not have in the Library, please feel free to contact us. Please provide the Association and years you have available. Thank You!

Historical Statements Concerning Baptist:

" Of the Baptists it may be said that they are not reformers. These people comprising bodies of Christian believers known under various names in different countries, are entirely distinct and independent of the Roman and Greek churches, and they have an unbroken continuity of existence from the apostolic days down through the centuries. Throughout this long perio they were bitterly persecuted for heresy, driven from country to country, disfranchised, deprived of the property, imprisoned, tortured and slain by the thousands; and yet they swerved not from their New Testament faith, doctrine, and adherence."

- William C. King " Crossing the Centuries"

"Were it not for the fact the Baptists have been grievously tormented and cut off with the knife during the past 1200 years, they would swarm greater than all the reformers. If the truth of religion were to be judged by the readiness and boldness of which a man or any sect shows in suffering, then the opinions and persuasions of no sect can be truer and surer than those of the Anabaptist, since there have been none for the 1200 years past that have been more generally punished or that have been more cheerfully and steadfastly undergone, and have offered themselves to the most cruel sort of punishment than these people"

- Catholic Cardinal Hosius, President of the Council of Trent from 1545 to 1564

"The sentiments of Baptists and their practice of baptism from the apostolic age to the present, have had a continued chain of advocates, and public monuments of their existence in every century can be produced"

- Alexander Campbell, founder of the Campbellites (Christian Church or Disciples of Christ) who rigorously opposed Baptists during the 19th century.

"We shall afterward show that the rise of the Anabaptists took place prior to the Reformation of the Church of England, and there are also reasons for believing that on the continent of Europe, small hidden Christian societies, who have held many of the opinions of the Anabaptist, have existed from the times of the apostles. In the sense of the direct transmission of the divine truth, and the true nature of spiritual religion, it seems probable that these churches have a lineage or succession more ancient than that of the Roman Church"

- Robert Barclay, Quaker Historian

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