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Primitive Baptist Periodicals

Established before 1900

Herald of Truth merged with Zion's Advocate sometime in the 1890's. Elder T.S. Dalton was editor.

The Messenger of Peace started in 1874. Elder John E. Goodson editor.

Messenger of Truth was established in 1897. Established by Elder F.P Branscome in Laurel Fork, Virginia.

The Signs of the Times is the oldest Primitive Baptist periodical in America. Established by Gilbert Beebe in 1832

The Baptist Trumpet was started in 1891. Elder W.H. Harrell and M.L. Sammons editors.

The Church Advocate started in Oct. 1829.  Elder Daniel Parker began the publication.

The Gospel Messenger first started in 1878. The first editor was Elder Thomas J. Bazemore of Georgia.

The Primitive Baptist was started in 1886. Elder S.F. Cayce, C.H. Cayce and W. Hartsel Cayce was the editors.

The Primitive Monitor was first published in 1886.

The Regular Baptist Magazine. First published in 1869 by Elders E.H Burnham & W.T. Pence

The Sectarian was started in 1890. Elder William M. Smoot of Virginia editor.

The Towaliga Messenger started in 1887. Elder William T. Goodard editor.

The Western Predestination Baptist was started in 1842. Edited by Richard M. Newport of Illinois and H.T. Craig of Indiana.

Zion's Advocate first published by Elder John Clarke of Front Royal Virginia.

The Zion's Landmark was started in 1867. Established by Elder L.I. Bodenhamer.

The Zion's Messenger began in 1870.  Elder Ison Cranfill  of Oregon editor.


Primitive Baptist Periodicals

Established after 1900

The Advocate Messenger started in 1921. The periodical was a combination of the Zion's Advocate, Gospel Messenger and Messenger of Truth

The Baptist Witness started in 1953. Elder Lasserre Bradley Jr. editor.

For The Poor started in 1941. Elder C.H. Cayce was the editor.

The Goodwill started in 1941. Elder R.K. Blackshear editor.

The Gospel Appeal started in 1966. Elders W.G. Fletcher and Bob Dickerson editors.

Oasis was first published in 1962 by Elder H.J. Donahue

The Old Faith Contender started in 1936. Elder W.J. Berry editor and founder. Merged with Sovereign Grace and Pilgrim in 1938

The Primitive Baptist Messenger started in 1962. Elder Hugh Hall of Missouri was editor and founder.

The Banner of Love was started in 1934. Elders H.G. Richards, Afton Richards and Bro. Don Richards editors.

The Primitive Baptist Light was started in 1949. Elder A.D. Wood and L.C. Swanner editors.

The Primitive Baptist Monitor started in 1984. Elder Bob Brubaker editor from Jackson, Mississippi.

Sovereign Grace and Pilgrim started in 1923. Elder W.J. Berry editor